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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  March 1, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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now "good a morning maryland." and good morning. i am charley crowson. megan is off today. let's get right to a check of the forecast. a lot going on. the rain is out of here. that's good news. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. but what we are dealing with charley and everyone out there a. dense fog advisory in effect until 8 a.m. let's go back to charley. >> let's go live to sandra endo live with the latest on the tornadoes reeking havoc across the midwest. what do you have? >> reporter: this is the path of destruction here. 170-mile-per-hour winds tore through harrisburg, illinois yesterday and right now i am standing at what was inside a sporting goods store and you can see it's demolished. and leveled. you can see the sporting good that were for sale now just strewn about in piles of debris. now the deadly twisters killed
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at least a dozen people so far in several states. after the tragedy will come recovery. >> i don't ever want to go through it again. i mean, it's horrible. devastating. >> reporter: residents of harrisburg, illinois will spend thursday and likely many more days and weeks ahead dealing with the aftermath of a deadly tornado that tore through here early wednesday. many of the survivors lost their homes and their property. and they are left with a terrifying memory. >> never been so clothes to death in my life. it was scary. >> i felt the trailer shaking and i woke up. >> reporter: the tornado that lashed harris bushing was of a number spawned by a massive storm sis them a reasked havoc in the mid section the country. it was felt in indiana, kansas, kentucky, tennessee and missouri. a tornado dealt severe damage
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to the tourist town of branson. >> we stand ready to work with them, anything they need to make sure they are back up and operating. >> reporter: that's thursday's theme throughout the stricken region. getting back up in the midst of destruction and hoping they don't see anything like it again. >> i hope and pray it doesn't come to me or anyone else i tell you, it's the worst experience of waking up to ever. >> reporter: the severe weather is not completely over yet. a forecast the storm is set to trigger more tore nateos from the ohio -- tornadoes from the ohio river valley to the tennessee river valley. sandra endo. back to you. >> the severity of the storms will be felt for days and weeks to come. how you can stay ahead of the storm we have you covered here at abc2. go to abc 2 and under neath the weather tab see tornado -- underneath the weather tab see tornado alley and go to the site for tornado
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alley live. the most accurate and up-to- date information for you on severe weather especially when things turn tornadic and the future you may want to look at. as the storms move across the mid section of the nation, you will be able to follow storm chaseers live. we are having trouble getting it up. we want to show you what to look for. you will see the radar moving in realtime. severe areas circle and you will see car icons. this one near missouri and illinois. there will be a brief 15 to 30 second ad popping up and from there, you will see what the storm chaseers see live right up to the second. abc2 news . com/tornado alley. get there through the weather tab. now for a check of your commute post rain, go back nutted studio with and -- to back into the studio with angela. >> reporter: 6:03, the drivingdrive this morning, you will have -- drive this morning, you will have wet conditions and fog. we are dealing with one accident onerousel street at i-
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95. causing a few slow pockets of traffic there. also a couple disabled vehicles including one on i-95 northbound at o'donnell street. let's look live at the foggy conditions from har forecounty. in95 south of -- i-95 south of mountain loans, the most activity there. no incidents to report but again foggy conditions. so a little extra driving time if you can this morning. and here's live look traveling on the top side of 695. we are in good shape at 695 and dulaney valley road. drive times good 5 minutes on the harrisburg to the top side from shawan and white marsh to 695 just 6 minutes and we have mentioned the top side of the beltway moving well from bel air to providence. that's 6 minutes. and that west side outer loop packed in but still at posted speeds from 795 to i-70 aid 7- minute drive. charley back over to you. news time 6:04 and tonight governor o'malley is expected to sign the same sex marriage bill into law at 5. and our
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cameras will be there rolling. a website is in the works leading to a referendum on the november ballot. the deadline to collect the 56,000 signatures comes at the end of june. hang on tower wallets, soon you could may more -- to your wallets, soon you could be mage more for gas and income tax. all part of the budget debate. sherrie johnson is here with more on the increases moreover what it could mean for you. >> reporter: well, this morning governor o'malley is working to close a budget shortfall of more than a billion dollars. he is looking at new tax revenues. the general assembly has a month left to finalize the state's budget for the upcoming fiscal year. the governor's proposal calls for ion crease in the state's tax on gas and if the ga tax fails a replacement would be an incoast tams. they say increasing the tacks on the wealthy marylanders and opponents feel people have been asked to do enough. >> what he is doing is
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ludicrous. he is throwing every possible tax out there to see if we will swallow one of them. >> i don't think it's unreasonable to ask people that benefit from the great public services we have in maryland to pay a little more for them. >> the-- >> reporter: the governor's proposal would shift hundreds ofmillion to the teacher pension fund from the state to the counties. couldn'tity executives has been critical of that proposal. sherrie johnson abc2 news. new on this thursday morning, we have information on a suspect that's been killed in a police-involved shooting in somerset county. authorities say troopers were called last night to investigate a suspicious person at a nursing home. when they got there a car sped off. troopers chased the car on route 13 when it ran off into the ditch. troopers fired shots as they approach the vehicle and the suspect reportedly died at the scene. and this morning, in howard county closing arguments are expected beginning the trial of a man charged with strangling a fellow patient at state
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mentahospital. according to a jury he is -- he is charged in the death of susan sachs in 2010. authorities in harford county are searching for a man who reportedly exposed himself to a pair of teen girls at a playing ground along todd road just across from blare court in bel air. the victims ran to the homes and told their parents and called police. by the time police arrived, the man was reportedly gone. the sheriff's companies is --department is offering this advice. >> don't approach and don't chase the individual. call 911. let them know where you are seeing this. if you can keep a distance and keep an eye on him, try to do that. but if the individual fleece give the deputies an idea of what direction the person fled in so we can locate the individual. >> there's two days before the playground incident children spotted a man exposing himself in bushes. this reportedly along nearby rolling road. at this point investigators can't rule out the possibility that it's the same person.
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well an important vote going today in the senate on capitol hill affecting women's birth control. linda so is standing by with what the senate will be voting oncoming up today. >> reporter: democrats and republicans are gearing up for a fierce fight centering around the president's mandate health insurers cover the cost of birth control. today they will vote and the blunt amendment letting employers on the out of the treatment if they okay on morale ground republicans say it's needed to protect religious freedom. democrats argue the amendment is an attack on women's access to health care. >> these men are speaking to a congressional panel and they are talking about women's health care. they are talking about women's health care. they are talking about contraception and talking about birth control and they are talking about giving birth and
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not one of them ever gave birth. tore roy blunt proposed the amendment because of the law requiring health care plans to cover birth control without an employee copay. news time 6:09. we are working for you abc2 teaming up with 106.5 for the johns hopkins sent are radio-a- thon. ate towarded yesterday and ends tomorrow night at 8. your donations can help change the lives of young patients. listen. >> every week i come here for an infusion, and the thing that makes it special and makes me want to come here week after week are the childlike specialists, the books and dvd players and games eke play with the other kids in the -- gation i can play with the other kids and everything that puts -- the games eke play with the other kids and everything that puts a smile ash -- i can play with the other kids and everything that puts a smile on a child's
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face. well authorities say a fire in prince george's county thatinjured 7 firefighters was dlib yetly set. it happened in riverdale friday night a firefighter is hospitalized in critical but stable condition. he is expected to tay in the hospital for a few weeks. the officers say it was started in the basement of the home. he is accused of randomly firing on classmates. new details this morning about an ohio teen suspected in a deadly shooting spree. also food for thought. some items to add to your diet that can reduce inflammation and fight chronic diseases. wild weather around the country. deadly tornadoes and winter storms in the northeast. people are digging out. lynette. all right. here at home, people are dealing with a dense fog advisory and i am going to tell you who is under it and when it will end come up. >> reporter: on your morning travels, we are seeing a lot of patchy fog out there.
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not a lot of delays but we are getting reports of incidents and we will update you coming up next on good morning maryland. >> you are watching what's new now and next and we are "good morning" that's times square in new york and let's head up to the big apple for a check of the morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites a first look at windows 8. desk top operating system made to look like a mobile and works well on tablets. >> it's one of the first operating systems that will compete with the ipad and one of the favorite features is you can look at apps side by side which i wanted to do on my ipad. >> reporter: the beta version is out but final edition will not ship until later this year. google privacy policy allows the company to collect information about users of all the products and services and combine it. privacy advocates are alarmed. facebook is offending advertisers and inserting more ads among the contents. fans of companies will see more ads in the news feed and
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elsewhere. and in georgia a auto correct featuring tuned gonna be at a hall into gunman at hall which locked down the school for several hours. those are your tech bites. i am rob nelson. save them.
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presenting woolite complete. it cleans your jeans, and won't torture your tanks. so your clothes stay looking and fitting like new. woolite. long live your wardrobe. news time 6:14 and just four days ago students at ohio chardon high school fled from the school in fear. >> just four days ago student at ohio chardon high school fled from their schools in fear. >> 911 where's your emergency. >> we had a shooting at our school. we need. >> okay. >> reporter: since then they have been in mourning for the three victims that died. today, many students are returning to school for the
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first time since the shooting for grief counseling. >> this community need to heal. the school did what they were supposed to do. law enforcement did what they were supposed to do. and they need to get back to school and realize that justice is going to be done. >> reporter: nearly 13 years ago, another high school columbine was rocked by a deadly shooting. >> the -- the principal since a the chardon community has long road ahead of it. >> what i told people on numerous occasion what happened the columbine and happened at chardon you will not have normal again. you will have to redefine what normal is. >> reporter: 17-year-old students accused until the shooting t.j. lane is expected to be formally charged today. prosecutors say he confessed to the shootings and says he picked his victims randomly. a lawyer for lane's family says they are in mourning. just like the rest of the community. tommy and you dress, abc2 news. andres abc 2 news. a winter weather alert. people in minnesota dealing with the ice and snow and power
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outages after a winter storm hit minneapolis st. paul area and northern parts of the state and at one point 16,000 households they were in the dark be a state patrol responded to dozens of accidents. and wintery weather across south dakota this the aftermath of their winter storm nearly a foot of snow in waterton, 12 hours. now people are digging out. let's look live up in the northeast. this is brewster massachusetts yap see the camera wobbling and we are peeking in on them because this severe band of storms that created a tornado and weather to the south dumped snow in the northeast. lynette is standing by with more and we can expect today what do you think. >> i mean we keep missing it. >> like a shooting gallery. >> i am talking about the weather everywhere else. and we are not getting any snow or severe weather. thank goodness. >> by all accounts this is odd for maryland to not get a -- at least one significant know snow. >> it is especially for -- snow. >> it is especially for
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february and now we are in march. i am not going to say we are not going to get snow. i had not do it in march. >> say it lynette. >> i will not do it mile birthday is march 12th and i will never forget the blizzard of 93 that happened. >> how old will you be? >> yes i am not saying that. i am going to be 30 again. all right. right now, we are looking at temperatures coming in right around 48 degrees. ellicott city coming in at 51. frederick at around 50. and is that's the -- that's the silver lining if you like warmer temperatures. but check out what we have humidity 100% into aberdeen ellicott and frederick and that's telling a story of its own. the air is saturate and temperatures at the same place and with that we have dense fog advisories until 8 this morning. satellite and radar not pick on a lot in terms of wet weather. we saw where the wet weather is as of now. and we won't get in here going into the afternoon will we will have that fog burning off a
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little bit later in the morning. that warm front lifting through the area and with that temperatures are already on their way up and we will have the cold front slice through the area later this afternoon. it's going to be very breezy this afternoon as well. and then we will have another system work its way in here for your friday and also your weekend. at least the first part of it. so 9 on friday, in the evening we have a chance for rain out there. and then we will do it all over again as we head into the first part of saturday. let's check the traffic with and l.a. good morning. did you hear charlie asked how old i would be. >> reporter: i heard him and your great response. let's see what's happening on the road. you did mention the fog and we have been scanning the traffic cameras. a lot of fog especially on 50. so for those of you traveling in queen anns and baltimore county, for a little extra travel time if you can spare some this morning. and, of course, extra caution and courtesy on the road. here's a live look downtown. 895 north of charles street moving pretty well heading through the harbor tonal north
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and southbound no trouble spots. west side of the beltway notconsidered a delay looking live at 695 and wilkins avenue. even though we are starting to see brake lights both inner and outer loop expect extra travel time as we mention of course the west side packing in between i-95 and i-706789 charley back -- i-706789 charley, back over to -- i-70. charley back over to you. results show nicotine patches don't necessarily or adversely affect pregnancy or birth outcome. a study involved about a thousand women. researchers received compliance was low only 7% of those who took part were wearing the patch and it limited the assessment of the safety. kids are actually getting more sugar from the foods they eat more so than what they are drinking. the national center of healthstatistics says the sugar is coming mostly from prepackaged foods. about 59% of added sugar calories come from food while
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41% come from drinks. what you eat can help reduce your health from chronic diseases. a register dietitian at the cleveland clinic says an easy way to get anti-inflammatory foods into your diet is go green. >> spinage, think broccoli and think brussels sprouts they will have antioxidants in them that will reduce inflammation in the body and broccoli actually has chemical that turns on and off cancer keys. >> she says 100% whole grain, herbs and spices reduce inflammation and beans, peas can stabilize blood sugar levels. evacuations underway in australia. residents forced to move to higher ground over the results of flooding, the worst in almost a century. also, carry -- scary moments on a bridge. a woman on a ledge with a child. what the officer did to protect her from jumping. as we go to break, a live look
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from brewster mass severe weather to the south killing more than a dozen with tornadoes and snow to the northeast that's a live look "good morning maryland returns in a bit.
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cotta allegra arrived in port after being lost with power. this is the result of a generator fire a french fishing vessel towed it to port. 1,000 people on board had been living without toilets, showers or lights and they are being flown back to safety. tens of thousands of university student rallied in the streets of bars low and -- barcelona spain. mrs. arrested and charged several of the demonstrators with stories like from over. and in china a police officer stopped a woman from jumping from the bridge with a child in her arms. look at this video. the camera captured this in beijing. an officer rides up to the woman as as -- and as she is about to jump a officer rushes
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in and pulls her back to the road. the police are reporting family problems are what sparked thesuicide attempt. large areas of wales and victoria states in australia are flooding the area. heavy rains and flooding across the two states 600 people have been ored to go to higher ground. >> the evacuation is in four stages. the reason we did the evacuation is because the river did risequite quickly. [audio not understandable] we have about 15. [audio not understandable] >> some of the road are closed and about 40 properties are already flooded. this is the worst flooding in almost a century. a texas grandma is bubbing the system telling age to hit the road. what she is trying out for and get this, she got a shot of making it. that's not the grandma.
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yeah. and that's an iphone. and that's mcdonald's. happy meals are coming to micky d's. as we go to break a live look at miami, florida, 74 degrees down there. you are watching "good morning maryland. they are waking up with us and so can are you. back in a bit. air wick and the national park foundation
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have partnered to bring you the vibrant scents of nature, from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone to the tropical islands of hawaii. it's from these magnificent sources that we found inspiration for our newest scents, so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the new national park collection. something in the air wick.
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland. all new information that came from student wake up to find a strange man in her dorm room. new developments in the case coming up. [ music ] ♪ >> the most recognizable song from one of the most recognizable faces and choices. -- voice. the price of gas continues to head north. latest price for us in charm city where the scale where pennies certainly count all of that straight ahead on this thursday march 1st. good morning. i am charley crowson of the megan is on assignment today. so we begin with a check of your forecast with meteorologist lynette charles and as we come to you, we have two


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